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Games & Experiences

We love games, we grew up playing and making games but VR offers more possibilities and not everyone is a gamer. For this reason we love to develop experiences like a fly over a landscape, visit the Moon, Mars or Mount Doom. Come with us to see other worlds.

Our games and experiences are mainly focused for Google Cardboard. Why? Because we think this is the most affordable environment for most of the audience. However when we work in a project we plan it to be release for all the system (mobile, PC, PS4, etc…)

Hands Free Engine

We developed our own VR engine allowing the players move and interact into the VR worls without any extra controller required. Off course, if you want to use a controller or related you can too :)

Non VR Games

Our team would love to make VR games and experiences all time over, however sometimes we have ideas for traditional games or the team is hired to make a third party game.

Hire Us

Do you need your own game or experience for a marketing event? Ask us, we offer a B2B service to allow you accomplish your project.

Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vice or Pico VR, whatever you need we are here to help.We offer what we expect to find in a VR product. We always try to offer the best visuals for every device and reduce the player frustration to the lowest, we love to do our best everytime.

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